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Social Impact Week

On 18 and 19 January 2016, the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) participated in the Social Impact Week 2016, an initiative organised by GO (Welfare Services club Growth and opportunities Committee) of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU). Social Impact Week aimed to encourage collaboration between NTU Clubs, social enterprises and other external organisations to promote the spirit of social involvement and also to create awareness of social causes. The event influenced participants to be more active contributors to the society.

At the event, DPA set up a booth to raise awareness about how people with disabilities can be included into the society. Many students visited DPA’s booth and showed interest to volunteer for DPA’s advocacy initiatives. They were excited to play the ‘spin for access’ game that tests one’s knowledge of different accessibility symbols. Some student groups like NTU WSC Regular Service Project for the Intellectually Disabled (RSPID) expressed interest to work collaboratively with DPA. DPA was also invited for the talk session held at NTU South Spine LT24 on 19 January 2016, which discussed about inclusion at Institutions of Higher Learning. DPA was glad to be a part of this meaningful event and looks forward to reaching out to NTU’s student community. 


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