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Our Partners

We believe strongly in collaboration and partnering with businesses and organisations to bring about effective change and impact.

Our partners play an important part in adding to DPA’s network and resources. In support of our advocacy work, they contribute time, products, expertise, funding, technology and other services.

With their help, we can continue our mission to be the voice for the disabled, as well as implement sustainable programmes and training that help empower and uplift the disability community.

For collaboration or if you are interested to partner with DPA as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), please email Ain at [email protected].

Logo of Disabled Peoples’ International. The logo has a green globe in the centre that has 7 red spokes radiating from it. The circumference contains the words DISABLED PEOPLES’ INTERNATIONAL, VOX NOSTRA in black.

Donate for Change

Logo of The Majurity Trust. The words are in red and black text. The dot above the letter j extends into a swoosh that terminates in a star.
Logo of Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. The top row has lowercase letters m in g c in brown, c in red, and y in yellow. The bottom row says Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth in smaller grey font.
Logo of National Council of Social Service. The logo contains an abstract pattern on the left, in red, blue and yellow. The capital letters NCSS are on the right, and below them are the text National Council of Social Service in smaller font. All text is in blue.
Logo of SmartBFA. The logo has a light blue graphic a wheelchair user on the left. On the right is the word Smart in black font and BFA in light blue font.
Logo of SusGain. The logo has a graphic on the left containing a green leaf and a black leaf encircled in a black circular arrow, with the text susGain below. On the right, the words ‘Your sustainability lifestyle app’ are in black font.
Logo of Tan Chin Tuan Foundation. On the left is a sketch of a building. On the right are the words ‘Tan Chin Tuan Foundation’ in uppercase in light brown.