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Accessibility Commitment

Accessibility Commitment

DPA is committed not only to promoting accessibility to the public, but also within our own organisation.

Our people and processes

The majority of DPA’s leadership are a diverse group of persons with disabilities. DPA also actively tries to ensure our staff team has disability representation. We offer flexible employment practices in order to accommodate a range of accessibility needs. DPA collaborates with our membership and Inclusion Ambassador groups to co-create inclusive work practices, services and promote disability leadership at DPA and in the wider community.

Our publications and platforms

DPA is committed to ensuring our communications and platforms are as accessible as possible to a broad range of persons with and without disabilities. In particular, you can expect the following:

  • Our website is compatible with screen readers and we do not use images to convey essential information.
  • There is an accessibility plug-in on our website to increase font size.
  • We caption all our videos with subtitles.
  • We do not use audio or video to convey essential information.
  • We do not use flashing images or lights on our website.
  • Images will have image descriptions and/or alt text.
  • We do not rely solely on colour to convey information.
  • We provide enough contrast between text and the background.
  • We present content in a consistent manner.
  • Labels, headings and descriptions are clear and consistent.
  • Hyperlinks are clearly described, either through the link itself or in written descriptions.
Your feedback

DPA’s accessibility journey is ongoing and if you spotan error or have suggestions for improvements to the accessibility of our communications, publications, resources or anything else on our website or social media, we welcome your feedback. Please email DPA at [email protected]