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Access Guides

DPA Access Guides

DPA works with our Inclusion Ambassadors to develop Access Guides for public institutions or places of interest in Singapore, so that persons with disabilities and their families have the relevant accessibility information they need to plan their visits to these places.

CBD Accessibility Mapping Project 2019

Video about DPA’s CBA Accessibility Mapping Project 2019

What are the benefits of Access Guides?
  • Provide access information by persons with disabilities for persons with disabilities.
  • Collate relevant and important information for persons with disabilities to make informed decisions about whether a place is accessible for their individual needs.
  • Showcase the accessible features of a public institution or space.
  • Encourage public places of interest to lead by example and make their spaces as inclusive and accessible as possible.
Who should commission Access Guides?
  • Public institutions or places of interest such as museums, heritage centres, shopping malls, theatres and other such tourist attractions.
Access Guide Clients
  • National Gallery Singapore (NGS)
  • Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM)
CBD Mapping Project and Pilot Project with National Gallery of Singapore

On 10 July 2019, over 120 volunteers, DPA and the then Minister for Social and Family Development, Desmond Lee, came together to map the accessibility of the Central Business District (CBD). Following the mapping, recommendations were made for locations where accessibility connectivity could be improved. BCA has adopted the initiative and a multi-stakeholder committee has been tasked with investigating and implementing the improvements through the Accessible Cities Network.

Later in 2019, DPA collaborated with National Gallery Singapore (NGS) to produce an Access Guide, provide training for NGS staff and volunteers as well as feedback on the accessibility of their website. Read the NGS Access Guide.

To find more about this service, please email [email protected]

Introduction to Access and Inclusion in the Built Environment

This training was developed in partnership with Levelfield Consultants and Lendlease Foundation as part of DPA’s Access For All project. We hope that this introductory video raises awareness and understanding about the importance of accessibility in the built environment amongst professionals in the built environment and construction sector. 

As part of Access for All, DPA, in collaboration with Levelfield Consultants, has trained members with disabilities as Access Assistants to support the development of disability-led Access Guides. As part of this process, DPA also developed an Access Guide for JEM Shopping Mall with our Access Assistants. We would like the thank Lendlease Foundation for supporting this initiative.

To access a pdf version of the slides, please click here