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Information sharing visit to DPA office by group from Japan

A group from Japan sent by Big-i, the International Communication Centre for Person with Disability, promotes international exchange and consisting of people with and without disabilities visited DPA’s office on the 14th January 2013 to share information about disability issues. The group was led by Hideto Kijima, who is a Big-i international exchange coordinator as well as a writer and accessibility consultant and has travelled to 122 countries as a wheelchair user. Other members of the Big-I groups included Tsutomu Ando, Yukino Mori, Shigeki Hayashi, Akihiro Watanabe, Yuki Oguma and Mayuko Kondo. The team was made up of persons from a variety of professions including amongst others a local volunteer worker, a pharmacist and a trainer of eldercare attendants and had a variety of questions about disability services in Singapore. DPA also used the opportunity to find out about the range of disability initiatives and facilities in Japan. 


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