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Floral Garage @ Disabled People’s Association

Our members at Disabled People’s Association (DPA) were blessed with a floral arrangement workshop conducted by Floral Garage on 19th October! As part of their initiative to give back to society, Floral Garage organized a 1.5 hrs workshop where 12 of our members and their caregivers were treated to a wonderful time enjoying the hands-on activity at our premises.

With arms full of flower bundles, the room brightened up significantly the moment Grace and Michelle from Floral Garage arrived. After a quick round of ice breakers, the workshop began with an introduction of flower names such as Song of India, Cordyline, Eucalyptus and Purple Static. Colored papers in green and maroon were handed out, as volunteers assisted in soaking of the floral foam. Once this was ready, it was time to have some fun with the flowers! As different flowers were passed out, our participants were able to touch, look and smell them upclose. Grace not only patiently led all participants in designing and wrapping their base, but also through the art of floral arrangement, leaf manipulation, and techniques in stem cutting.

Chatter and laughter filled the room as the workshop progressed, and it was evident all participants took great pride and joy in creating floral arrangements of their own. Some were taking their bouquets home for a fresh look in their homes, while others planned on giving the bouquets to their loved ones. As the workshop came to a close, Grace shared some insights on how to care for the flowers and answered any questions that our participants have.

DPA would like to say a big thank you to the Floral Garage for organizing such a fun and interactive activity for our members! Our members could not stop raving about the event, and were overjoyed to have the opportunity to dabble in a new skill such as this. We are certainly looking forward to more collaborative opportunities in the near future!


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