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True Colors Festival, 23-25 March 2018

Do you appreciate music with your ears or your eyes? Do you feel the true emotions of a dancer in your heart? Do the lyrics so beautifully sung by a vocalist echo your own hopes and dreams?

A celebration of all the senses, the True Colours Festival brings together some of the world’s foremost artistes and performing talents with disabilities in a multi-faceted celebration of talent. This inaugural Asia Pacific festival of music, dance and the arts featured an international conference, an outdoor festival of inclusion, and a unique, world-class indoor multimedia concert experience.

DPA participated as a partner in the outdoor festival of inclusion over the 3 days event and had the wonderful opportunity to meet many members of public from different walks of life – from caregivers, to volunteers, to teachers, and also Kiss 92 Radio DJ Shan Wee – who were curious to learn about the different disabilities and how they can help build a more inclusive community. Our Inclusion Ambassadors and volunteers engaged with participants through interactive activities designed to simulate various disabilities, and all who came through our booth left with a renewed mindset.

At DPA, we believe that arts has the power the break down barriers, to transform perceptions, to influence thought and action, and to change lives. If you have an interest in the arts and hope to explore grooming our members in DPA’s Performers Club, please feel free to contact Ms Valerie Chia, Community Engagement Executive.


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