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TechSociety – SG Enable Education for Livelihood Training

TechSociety – SG Enable Education for Livelihood Training for persons with disabilities was conducted on 7, 8 and 15 October 2016 at Disabled People’s Association. Tech Society is an education and technology organisation based in Singapore that looks to the ideas of tomorrow to solve today’s problems with tech education. 

The training aimed at enhancing employability and encouraging entrepreneurship among people with disabilities.  The main modules of the training focused on communication, personal effectiveness, digital marketing, business and entrepreneurship. 

Participants learned various aspects of communication, personal effectiveness, innovation, enterprise, web design and business pitching fundamentals. The innovative and activity-based approach employed by the trainers encouraged participants to discover transforming ideas and actionable solutions. Most of the participants rated the training as very good. One participant mentioned that the trainers shared interesting perspectives and another participant commented that training was awesome and outstanding. 

The trainers Hansen Lee, Jackson Kwa and Melvin Leong were successful in creating an enjoyable and interesting learning atmosphere for the participants. A Sign Language interpreter was provided for the participants with hearing impairments. TechSociety group recognises Sign Language as a language in itself. Videos were shown and the trainer summarised the content and this was very helpful for the participants. DPA volunteers Bryan Neo, Ethan Lee, Jan Evans and Jyoti Talwar Dhaul provided assistance to the participants and trainers during this training. 

Founded in 2013, TechSociety group aims to create solutions to the current society problems through technology. Having won the SMU Innovation Award, they strive to impart tech survival, new age computing and tech entrepreneurial skills to students with the goal of making technology and entrepreneurship fun, engaging and accessible. With a wide range of strategic partners and expertise from different areas, TechSociety hopes to create a better society in the future. For more information, visit


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