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Merry Marathon 2017

On 20 December 2017, DPA took part in the Merry Marathon. Merry Marathon is an annual volunteering event initiated by students since 2012 and powered by Positive Intentions, a social enterprise. The aim of Merry Marathon is to spread the Christmas joy around Singapore, especially to those who may feel neglected during this festive season.

Merry Marathon volunteers had a great time with our Inclusion Ambassadors. Human library, inclusive games, carolling, making candy cane and passing the gifts were the main attractions of this year. There was also a Polaroid booth and Inclusion Ambassadors together with volunteers took many festive photos at this booth.
Eighteen volunteers and seven Inclusion Ambassadors participated in this event. The volunteers included mainly students from Junior colleges and some other educational institutions.

DPA conducted Disability awareness talks for the volunteers and this helped them to interact more confidently with people with disabilities.

Merry Marathon is now in its sixth year and it continues to reach out to people and positively touch their lives. The event was a platform for volunteers to connect and build rapport with people with disabilities, uphold the spirit of inclusion. DPA thanks Merry Marathon team and appreciate them for making Merry Marathon, cheerful and lively.


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