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kino kino – Film Screening and Discussion
19 May 2018

On 19 May, DPA hosted the soft launch of kino kino, an event series for community, cinema and philosophy. kino kino aims to promote inclusion and the love for cinema by using the magic of movies to hang out and discuss everyday matters of philosophy that are close to our lives.

The first movie screened was The Truman Show which stars Jim Carrey as an insurance salesman who discovers his entire life is actually a television show. After the screening, there was a casual discussion and exchange of ideas and stories amongst attendees. It was an engaging discussion that brought forth a multitude of ideas and perspectives from DPA’s members. Many of them found parallels between having a disability, and the challenges that the protagonist faced in the movie. A number of them also raised the importance of having accessibility features in the film that allowed everyone to enjoy the screening.


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