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International Visits from Disability Organisations from Japan and Vietnam 2006-2007

DPA hosted a visit from the Association for the Welfare of the Physically-Disabled People in Okinawa, Japan on 4 September 2006. This Association had conducted study tours for disabled people in Okinawa since 1996. It had sent its delegates, which consisted of people with different disabilities and their caregivers, to DPA, on an exchange program on facilities and infrastructure and social welfare programs.

Members of The Vietnam Association for the Handicapped (VNAH) visited DPA on the 6th of March 2007, among other agencies in Singapore. This visit came under their programme, “Inclusion of Vietnamese with Disabilities, 2006-2008” as part of the cooperation programme between VNAH and the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam. The visit was to learn and exchange knowledge in developing, reforming and enforcement of barrier free access codes and standards, so that they would be better able to address the needs in providing accessibility services/facilities in public construction and transportation for people with disabilities, particularly for people with visual and hearing disabilities in Vietnam.


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