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DPA AGM & Reunion Dinner 2018

On 7th September, DPA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Reunion Dinner at the Singapore Pools Building. After a quick welcome speech by DPA’s new President Mr Richard Kuppusamy, in which he shared more about DPA’s commitments in the upcoming year, the AGM was underway. The Chairperson of the AGM, Mrs Chang-Tang Siew Ngoh quickly went through the proceedings as there weren’t any issues raised by members.

Following the AGM, DPA commenced its Reunion Dinner which saw activities and games reminiscent of the Disco era with the theme “Disco Fever”. In keeping with the theme, DPA’s members came dressed to the nines! The Reunion Dinner also had performances by various dance groups, musical ensembles, and even a skit by our very own members! Members of DPA were also treated to a delicious buffet.
The photo booth was also a huge hit with members, volunteers and staff.

DPA’s Inclusion Ambassadors were also featured during the Reunion Dinner and we shared more about the Inclusion Ambassador Programme which aimed to promote inclusivity in Singapore.
DPA also took this opportunity to thank exceptional people for sharing their time and efforts with DPA. The volunteers were presented with a customised DPA mug.

We would once again like to take the opportunity to thank the following supporters, partners, and sponsors without whom the night would not have been possible:
• Singapore Pools, for sponsoring venue,
• Volunteers, for assisting with the smooth running of the Reunion Dinner: Anand, Cassandra, Arnold, Rachael, Jyoti, Jia Jun, Zeph, Ivan, XYZ, Jean, Jordan, Ritz, Amy, Emily, Celeste, Raphael & Andika
• Board Members, for dedicating their time and efforts to DPA,
• DPA Donors, and Supporters, for believing in our mission, and supporting our work,
• Inclusion Ambassadors, for being the voice of DPA,
• Distinct Creative Arts, for the awesome dance performance,
• Gencak Singapura, for the beautiful music,
• Bega Nuts, for the live Kacang Puteh station,
• Balloon Blasters, for the Photo Booth,
• Dignity Mama for the jars of Happiness Cookies
• Eatz Catering, for the delicious food,
• Photographer, Michelle Toh, for the capturing our wonderful celebration together,
• Staff, for the organisation of today’s get-together,
• Everyone who attended, without whom, we wouldn’t be where we are today

Check out the photos of the  AGM & Reunion Dinner on our Facebook page!


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