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Advocacy and Disability with Professor Dan Goodley

On 12th February 2019, the Disabled People’s Association hosted an “Advocacy and Disability” panel discussion at the Enabling Village. Professor Goodley opened the session by taking the opportunity to discuss how people with disabilities can be experts in ensuring that the world we build around ourselves is inclusive for everyone, and history has shown this time and time again. He also discussed how Disability Studies is critical in ensuring that people within a society do not end up isolating themselves from each other. The second half of the session then had panellists (Mr Alvan Yap, Ms Cassandra Chiu, and Dr Dawn-Joy Leong) discussing and raising important aspects of diversity and inclusion in Singapore. Moderated by Dr Wong Meng Ee from the National Institute of Education (NIE), the panellists also discussed how advocacy in Singapore is unique to the disability community here. DPA would like to thank the Enabling Village for sharing its venue with us.


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