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Advancing Inclusive Practices: How to plan and deliver Inclusion training

Inclusion Cultivation is a course designed by the Disabled People’s Association’s (DPA) former Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Nina Munday, to provide trainers or potential trainers a step-by-step guide on how to plan and deliver diversity and inclusion training.

The learning outcomes of this course are:

  • Better understanding of the purpose of diversity and inclusion training
  • Better knowledge of techniques in delivering diversity and inclusion training
  • More confidence in promoting diversity and inclusion
  • More confidence in engaging with a wide-ranging audience

This course was delivered on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 May 2015 at DPA’s training room.

During this course, the participants explored concepts such as learning styles, learning outcomes and social structure. They were given a range of tools enabling them to challenge personal stereotypes and prejudices, manage difficult audiences and overcome fears. Furthermore, they were shown templates on how to design group activities, evaluation and marketing strategy. More importantly, they had the opportunity to demonstrate their learning by delivering a group activity created by themselves.

Eleven people participated in this course. They are members or staff of the following organisations:

  • Disabled People’s Association
  • SPD
  • ROHEI Corporation 
  • SIM University 
  • Flextronics International Dyslexia Association of Singapore Academy Ltd

Of the eleven participants, ten are female and one is male. Their experience of delivering training or workshops ranged from none to highly skilled.

In their evaluation, participants commented that they gained knowledge in wide-range of areas such as learning styles, workshop design, and local influential factors in promoting diversity and inclusion. The participants particularly welcomed the learning pack, 50% rated it as ‘very good’ and 50 rated it as ‘good’. 

“Detailed and informative.”

Their overall assessment for this course was positive with 30% of the participants rating the course as ‘very good’ and 70% rating it as ‘good’.  

DPA is delighted that the Inclusion Cultivation course has been well received by the participants. It was encouraging that everyone brought their personal knowledge and experience to this course and generously shared them with the rest of the group.

Thank you to all participants for working so hard over the two days. There were a lot of concepts, tools and practical guides for everyone to work through and DPA is pleased that everyone coped relatively well with the pace.

 The full evaluation report is available here


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