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DPA Public Education Campaign 2013

“Their Greatest Disability is Our Apathy”

Disabled People’s Association is pleased to announce the launch of our new public education campaign on Monday, 16 September 2013.

This campaign, which will run for six weeks, aims to make people in Singapore aware of the obstacles faced by persons with disabilities as they go about their daily travel. It also hopes to start a conversation among the public about accessibility in public transport for those with disabilities.

Why the Need for This Campaign

Most obstacles faced by persons with disabilities are a result of our apathy and/or ignorance.

For the most part, Singapore is a country that has the infrastructure to enable persons with disabilities to travel to public places, especially via the MRT train network and the slowly expanding accessible bus network. Many persons with disabilities lead independent lives and rely on the public transport system to get to work, meet friends and participate in leisure activities.

However, some people are not aware that their actions can create obstacles for individuals with disabilities as they try to get around. DPA hopes to raise people’s awareness of the various barriers persons with disabilities have to face in their daily routine and travel.

Secondly, most people assume it is natural for people without disabilities to give way to a person with a disability when taking public transport. Yet, there is always the minority who do not do so. DPA aims to tackle this issue by telling people to be conscientious about giving way to persons with disabilities or taking the initiative to request others to do so.

What is in The Campaign

The public education campaign consists of a 45-second video and three complementary print posters. The video features Paralympian gold-medal winning swimmer Ms Yip Pin Xiu, who is a wheelchair-user, going about her daily life.

It includes a montage of her at work, socialising with friends at a restaurant, swimming, and going about daily chores. The video ends with a scene of her independent travel abruptly ended by a parked car blocking an accessible ramp she is on. The tagline will be ‘Their greatest disability is our apathy’.

The video will be shown in all cinemas across Singapore and on other media. In addition, campaign posters will be displayed in SMRT stations and on trains and buses.

Please help spread the word and share the posters and video (YouTube)!

The Ones Who Made It Possible

The campaign could not have been done without the creative help and support of Goodfellas, Shooting Gallery Asia, Yellow Box Studios and Eunice Olsen, who composed the musical score for the video. We wish to acknowledge their invaluable contribution.

We would also like to credit Starcom Singapore for being our media partner.

DPA would like, too, to express its gratitude to Research Now and Philosophy Brand Consultants for donating their time to running the pre- and post campaign surveys.

The campaign would also not be possible without the generous support of SMRT who is the official outdoor media partner, as well as LGM Group, L’Etoile Café, Farrer Park Swimming Complex, Fish & Co., who all graciously offered their premises to DPA for filming purposes.

DPA would like to thank the following organisations and sponsors for their kind and generous support:

Farrer Park Swimming Complex


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