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Launching Supper Club! – 26 May 2017

Pizzas, drinks, and a group of friends – always make for a good time! At the first session of DPA’s Supper Club, it was definitely a winning combination as a lively discussion took place with our friends from AbleThrive, and members from DPA.

Supplied with a free flow of conversation, a number of rather interesting ideas were thrown into the mix; organising an inclusive Escape Room session, visits to a farm to learn about sustainable living, and even voluntary events so that members can give back to their community. During the session, DPA also managed to understand the motivations behind members taking part in activities, as well as the importance of including their support networks – caregivers, parents, children, and friends.

Following from this first edition of the Supper Club, we walk away with a multitude of ideas, and are currently getting into the planning stages to bring you a whole host of events.

We thank our friends from AbleThrive, and definitely look forward to having more sessions where members from the disabled community can provide open and honest feedback about the type of activities they would like to be a part of.

Interested in being part of our Supper Club? If you would like to be invited to the next session, please drop an email to Yoges at [email protected].

You bring the ideas, and we’ll bring the pizzas!


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