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Be A DPA’s Inclusion Ambassadors

Advocacy has been an essential strategy for promoting the rights and participation of people with disabilities. Are you interested to advocate for inclusion for people with disabilities? If so, apply to be an Inclusion Ambassador and contribute to making society more inclusive.

What is an Inclusion Ambassador?
Inclusion Ambassadors are our members with disabilities who are trained by DPA to effectively engage with public to raise awareness and promote inclusion of people with disabilities at various outreach events. Our Inclusion Ambassadors uphold the mission of DPA and promote self-advocacy.

What does an Inclusion Ambassador do?
Inclusion Ambassadors engage participants from different walks of life. These ambassadors interact with participants and share their powerful insights / personal experiences in an interesting and constructive way. Through the experiential activities and interaction, Inclusion Ambassadors help the participants to gain confidence in interacting with persons with disabilities and to be more proactive in promoting inclusion.

What are the benefits of being an Inclusion Ambassador?
This is a paid opportunity where you can raise awareness whilst getting compensated for efforts. DPA trains and mentors our Inclusion Ambassadors. You will get exposure to different engagement methods including discussions, meetings, forums and interviews. Inclusion Ambassadors also learn to work as a team.

How do I apply to be an Inclusion Ambassador?
You need to be a DPA member to apply for Inclusion Ambassadors programme. Selected candidates will undergo training to develop necessary skills to be an Inclusion Ambassador. We encourage individuals with disabilities to become Inclusion Ambassadors. Please click here to apply for DPA membership.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 6791 1134.


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