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Project Tintin is currently dormant till further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. (Updated as of 26 April 2023)

Disabled People’s Association (DPA) is committed to working together with voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and sharing resources with the wider social service sector. For this reason, DPA shared our new software called Project Tintin, which DPA developed with ThoughtWorks and Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) to help with it Flag Day operations with other VWOs on their Flag Days. To read more about how Project Tintin benefitted DPA and MDAS on their joint Flag Day please go to:

Most recently, TOUCH Community Services and Ren Ci Hospital used Project Tintin on their Flag Days. Our aim was to help VWOs streamline their Flag Day processes. The software provides organisers with real-time status updates of all collection centres and the movement of donation tins. The software also saves valuable time by allowing volunteers to register and return tins using QR codes. DPA and ThoughtWorks also provided onsite support to TOUCH Community Services and Ren Ci Hospital during their Flag Days, ensuring that the software ran smoothly. Both the organisation’s Flag Day were interesting tests for Project Tintin.

Touch Community Services has a much larger Flag Day than DPA’s and ThoughtWorks were able to make some small modifications to cope with much higher number of tin and volunteers. Ren Ci Hospital’s Flag Day was a good test to see if the app was easy to understand and learn how to use having had no experience with such software. DPA is happy to report that the supervisors and staff on the day were able to pick up how to operate Project Tintin after one short training session.

After their Flag Days, DPA collected feedback from the organisers, staff members and volunteers at TOUCH Community Services and Ren Ci Hospital. The feedback was generally positive, with many claiming that the software saved considerable time and manpower, as well as reduced manual paperwork. DPA is happy to share the software with other VWOs. If you’re organising a Flag Day next year and would like to use Project Tintin for your event, please contact DPA at 6791 1134 or [email protected].


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