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Inclusive Flashmob


The Inclusive Flashmob is an annual collaborative event by DPA and Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) that aims to inculcate the spirit of inclusion amongst youths, by advocating for the Social Model of Disability through dance.

Why do an Inclusive Flashmob?

We strongly believe the arts have the power to break down social barriers, and different abilities can be celebrated through experiential and interactive learning. Persons with and without disabilities learn choreography together, building relationships we hope will persist beyond the final performance.

Who takes part in the Inclusive Flashmob?

Mainly youth with and without disabilities, but we also have older participants with disabilities who are young at heart! Previous participants were from:

  • St Andrew’s Adult Autism Services
  • APSN Chaoyang School
  • APSN Katong School
  • Mountbatten Vocational School
Where do the Inclusive Flashmobs take place?

The dance performances take place in malls and other public places so that we can bring the message of inclusion to as many people as possible. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the performances went online, but DPA is working hard to safely bring live performances so the public can enjoy them as much as our dancers do.

Performance videos

Inclusive Flashmob 2019

Video of the DPA Inclusive Flashmob 2019

Inclusive Flashmob 2020

Video of the DPA Inclusive Flashmob 2020

Inclusive Flashmob 2021

Video of the DPA Inclusive Flashmob 2021

Behind the Scenes Inclusive Flashmob 2021 and future plans!

Behind the Scenes video of the DPA Inclusive Flashmob 2021

Testimonial from SUN-DAC

“What has been a tremendous encouragement and inspiration is the inclusive attitude and perspective that the organisers and the youth volunteers have towards individuals with disabilities. For example, one of our clients found it very difficult to join in big group activities and to follow instructions well due to his disability as well as sensory issues. He required 1-to-1 and at times 1-to-2 support to be able to stay with the group and to follow some dance instructions to participate more meaningfully. The dance instructors and volunteers were very engaged and patient when it came to providing this young man what he needed in order to participate in this event as well as he did.

Eventually, he may not have danced the whole dance, but he has gained precious experience practising and dancing with others. Our community also had the opportunity to witness just how being included looks like, to observe the positive modelling of an inclusive mindset and behaviours that value individuals in our midst who may be different but yet accepted. 

Lastly, just as our clients had a blast dancing away, it was also an opportunity for our community to see that people with disabilities have abilities and interests too, and that they, like many of us, have and can do things they enjoy.”

Angie, SUN-DAC

About our partner

Distinct Creative Arts (DCA) is a social enterprise that uses dance as a powerful tool to educate, engage, and empower. Every week, they reach out to thousands of youths, including many who are marginalised or at-risk. Beyond coaching youths in dance fundamentals in school, DCA also provides youths with a platform to train and perform together with their resident crew. Through this platform, DCA personally mentors and grooms the next generation, giving every dancer the opportunity to carve a career for themselves out of their dance education. At DCA, they are all about Making Lives Count.


For more information, please email [email protected]